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Reviews Collecting Options

Find answers to common questions about our services. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to address any concerns you may have.

What is online reputation management, and why is it important for my business?

Online reputation management involves monitoring, influencing, and enhancing your brand’s online presence. It’s crucial because potential customers often make purchasing decisions based on reviews and online credibility.

How can your services help me collect more reviews?

We offer a streamlined review collection process that includes multiple channels (phone tap, QR code, SMS) through one device, making it easy for customers to leave reviews. This convenience increases review collection.

What review platforms can I connect with using your service?

Our platform can integrate with various review platforms, including Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, and Custom. You have the flexibility to select the platforms that matter most to your business.

Can I maintain my brand identity when using your review collection point?

Absolutely. Our custom-branded devices allow you to maintain your brand identity. You can add your logo, color scheme, and other branding elements to ensure consistency.

How does the analytics and reporting feature benefit my business?

Our analytics tools provide valuable insights into your review sources, customer feedback trends, and the performance of different locations or staff members. This data helps you make informed decisions and allocate resources more effectively.

What types of businesses can benefit from your services?

Virtually any business can benefit from our services, especially those that rely on online reviews and reputation. This includes restaurants, healthcare practices, contractors, service providers, and many other industries.

Is it easy for customers to leave reviews using your platform?

Yes, it’s incredibly easy for customers. They have the choice of tapping their phone on the device, scanning a QR code, or sending a text message. Each method leads them to a review landing page, where they can select their preferred platform to leave a review.

Do you offer a trial or demo of your services?

No, we do not offer a trial or demo as the collection device is customised to each business’s unique needs. However, we offer personalized demonstrations to help you understand how our platform works and how it can benefit your business. Contact us to schedule a demo

When will my business go live after signing up?

Your business can go live within 1 to 2 weeks after signing up. Our team will work diligently to set up and customize the collection device to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition.

What happens if there’s a change in personnel for the mobile collection point?

If there is a change in personnel or location for the mobile collection point, you can easily reassign the point within the customer portal. Our platform provides the flexibility to adapt to your business’s evolving needs, making it simple to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted review collection process.

What sets CAARRS Limited apart from other review collection services?

We stand out by offering a simplified multi-channel approach, custom-branded devices, and in-depth analytics. Unlike others, we streamline the review submission process, enhance user experience, and increase review volume.

16th November 2023